From the Farm

At the farm we offer fresh picked or u-pick-em Apples, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries as well as a variety of specialty fruit jams, jellies and syrups

Patricia makes custom Christmas Wreaths
to your specifications.  She has an assortment of ring sizes and shapes.  There are also many decorations and colored ribbons to choose
 from making each wreath unique.

At the farm we have Firewood for sale cut and split for $165.00 per. cord
We also offer local delivery at a rate of
$20.00 per.cord.

We also have Hay for sale.
It is a Timothy and Clover Mix

and sells for $2.75 per.bale when picked up at the farm, or it can be delivered locally for an additional rate of $0.25 per. bale

Farm Fresh Eggs are available at the farm.
Our chickens are raised naturally with no hormones and are cooped in portable pens which are rotated daily
allowing the chickens lots of fresh grass and clover to eat.
Eggs sell for $2.50 per. Dozen